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The Liberty Bowl, the Declaration of Independence, and the Constitution have been called the nation's three most cherished historical treasures. This silver bowl documents a revolutionary act in the American colonies. Engraved on its rim are the names of fifteen members of a secret organization in colonial Boston called the "Sons of Liberty." This group existed during the time when ferment against British rule was building towards war. The bowl commemorates the refusal of the Massachusetts legislature to take back a protest against a British tax.

"The rum punch was a real patriotic drink. The Anglophiles tended to drink tea, but the good old Americans drank rum and so on. So it was making a political statement in the very form of the object."

- Gerry Ward, Katherine Lane Weems Curator of American Decorative Arts and Sculpture

The bowl was purchased by the Museum in 1949, with funds that included seven hundred donations by Boston schoolchildren and the public.

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Paul Revere